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Hey Loves,

We all know that one is never fully dressed without a smile, so in today's blog post, I’ll be talking about my teeth whitening review with Smile Brilliant. I got quite a lot of many messages when I posted about it on my Insta-story and Instagram timeline so I've decided to break down some of the most common questions asked regarding my experience in a video format as well as on the blog.

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their product, & I felt the email couldn't have come at a better time because I literally spoke to my husband just weeks prior, about getting my teeth professionally whitened! So you can imagine how excited I was when I received the email.

You guys have asked me why Smile Brilliant and not the others and the one thing I read about the product that really made me wanna try it was the fact that their whitening kit is customized for the individual. You make your own impression and in return they'll send you your custom fitted trays. 

Another thing I really loved was the expected result using Smile Brilliant. When the string of gel comes in contact with your teeth, it removes all staining from teeth to reveal a more natural white smile. So it’s not your typical bleach whitening product that makes your teeth crazy white. I also love that it's a cheaper alternative compared to the dentist. Nothing beats affordable with the same expected result.

I received a lot of questions asking if this was my first (at home) teeth whitening experience, and the answer is NO. In the past I have tried crest whitestrips and it was sadly the worst experience ever. I got really sensitive and also noticed my gun got whitened in the process which really bothered me. I was excited to read about the desensitizing gel! The idea of desensitizing before/after whitening later proved to be very effective for me. Take a look at my video review (if you haven't already) where I walk you through making your impression once you receive your kit.

Some of you have asked what my whitening treatment process was like. Prior to receiving my kit, I was a little apprehensive about the steps required to make your impression, but after reading the instruction manual which had a step by step guide (including photos), I had no difficulty whatsoever. As a busy mom of two LOs, the whitening trays were very easy to use. I usually start just a few minutes before putting the kids to sleep so it fits perfectly into my lifestyle. 

On average you need about 7-14 treatments but so far I have done 10 and I absolutely love my result. I was truly surprised especially because I took my time with the whitening process! 

Overall, I had a great experience! The only downside I had was eating pineapples just a few hours after whitening the first time and my teeth got very sensitive. My Smile Brilliant specialist was so kind to advice me to desensitize prior to whitening because of the sensitivity and it worked like a charm. If you are one to get very sensitive with teeth whitening, this product is for you. My only advice will be to do the same if you pan on eating any fruits/food you know will cause sensitivity while whitening. 

I recommend this product to practically everyone I know. If you are thinking about restoring the natural white color of your teeth, then look no further than these affordable self-care pampering products. Smile Brilliant at home whitening system was especially made for you.

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This post was in collaboration with Smile Brilliant
As always, all opinions are mine!

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