Neon Yellow Waffle Pleat Skirt

Hey Loves,
Happy Friday Eve! Whoa I feel like I just had Dejavu, probably because the last time said that was the last time I blogged😐. I have been so preoccupied (per usu) that I've barely had time to blog my looks. This is gonna sound lazy but honestly, it's so much easier to post on Instagram with my LTK app and just call it a day. Unfortunately, only those who have signed up with benefit the most because they get all the shopping deets sent direct to their inbox. If you don't know what is, you're probably wondering, what in the world is she talking about?? No worries, my next blog post (fingers crossed😬) will be solemnly dedicated towards explaining what is and how the app works. 
Anywho, on to this look! To be frank, I don't really have much to say about this look. I was trying to get dressed when I spotted one of my favorite Neon skirt so I stood in front of my mirror (like I always do when I'm trying to put a look together) and thought, hmm something with orange would go perfect with this skirt. The first thing I saw on the hanger was this false layered top (old😢) and after I put it on I went, bam😂😅...
I was originally going to pair this look with a different color heels but when I decided to photograph this look, the weather outside was playing no games, I mean, it was legit 20 degrees outside (notice my hands were cringed on almost every picture😩) so I opted for a black pair of stockings coupled with my fave. open toe booties. The orange cross-body bag just adds that pop of color that puts the look together. I would recomment a closed toe bootie or thigh high boots if you plan to recreate this look. 
Thanks for stopping by darlings! Enjoy the shopping links to this look bellow. 

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