My Top 3 Go To Filters

 Hey loves, happy new month🌸
You guys, I’m feeling that new month, new beginning, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results, just everything new😄 and I hope you are too!
Yesterday, I shared my top 3 go to app to edit pictures, so today, I want to quickly touch up on my 3 go to filters. Frankly, after I have achieved my final outcome using all three apps mentioned here  yesterday, there's really no need to add any additional filters. However, there are those times where I get caught up with the kids and it's nearly time to post and I don't necessarily have 15-30 minutes to spare on editing photos for either Instagram or the blog. Whenever I'm caught in this web, believe it or not, my one go-to app that has everything I need to quickly touch-up, including my favorite filters, is the Instagram App.
I like to play around with the edit tab.
Take for instance, the original image from today’s post.
Here’s that same image edited with Instagram brightness, adjust, contrast, and the sharpen tool.
 Believe it or not, the Instagram App is the only app I use the ‘contrast’. For some reason, it does not add a yellowish color to my skin🤷🏾‍♀️
When I’m done with the edit tab, I switch back over to the filters, and very often I’m using either 
A) 50% Clarendon 🔝
B) 50% Reyes 🔝
C) 50% Ludwig 🔝
Thanks for stopping by, I hope this helped! Get all the deets to this look, below:
Dress: Forever21 
Croptop: Shein
Earrings: Baublesbar
Bag & Shoes: Shoedazzle; more shoes options here

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