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Hey fam, 

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. On todays Upcycle series, we are making Oxford Sneakers. This is such a cool and fun way to make your own oxford shoes using white Mossimo supply co canvas sneakers.

It is super fun and you guys already know, these are an absolute favorite transformation of mine, because it gives you the ability to create something incredibly custom and unique. 

As always, I challenge you to give it a try, and when you do, please hashtag #FabPiecesTV, as I would love to see and share on my Instagram.

Materials used:

  • White Canvas Sneakers ($9 at Target store) 
  • Fabric Paints
  • Fabric Markers
  • Paint brush and a bowl 

Enjoy making yours, and don't forget to click the subscribe button for more :)

Last video uploaded here

*See how I styled it here or here

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Note: All Items in this video was purchased by me. 
Thanks for watching!

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