DIY Easter Egg Chicken Basket (HOW TO)


While it’s fun to go egg hunting and etcetera, remember that the resurrection of our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the REASON for the SEASON. That being said, I actually went shopping for some eggs for my son’s Easter eggs hunt at school and when I spotted a similar basket at bed bath and beyond and instead of purchasing it, I decided to make one instead. I showed my son the basket after school on wed. and he was so excited. My heart melted when he said mommy great job; he’s such a sweetheart. Hope you enjoy and please educate your children about the true meaning of Easter.

Materials used:

About 4-5 (9x11) Stiff Felt fabric from any craft store
Hot Glue and Glue Sticks
Scissors, Marker, Ruler
Sewing Needles
A Piece of Black Fabric for the Bird Eye
Transparent Little Chick print out here:
More options here:

Similar DIY Easter Egg Video here

Happy Easter and have fun!

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Note: All Items in this video was purchased by me.
Thanks for watching!

Note: All Items in this video were purchased by me.
Thanks for watching!

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